The recent increase in agricultural productivity

In the recent times the agricultural productiveness has been increased two times while the country of the cultivated land is increased by merely 10 percent.But the job is how to manage the inauspicious effects of clime alteration on agribusiness productiity.Incrasing populations at high rate I is besides a serious concern, harmonizing to FAO the universe population will make 9 billion by 2050 which is presently 6.7 billion.It is estimated that the universe agricultural nutrient demand will be increased to 70 % , and at the same clip clime alteration is expectrd Ro cut down the agricultural productivity.The function of developing states is critical and they should must transform their tradional patterns to modern techniques.To guarantee the nutrient security in future FAO has proposed figure of valueable ways through which the agricultural production will increased with minimising the consequence of utmost clime conditions.The proposed methods are soi and alimentary direction in this methods smallholders can profit the most by the usage of manure and harvests residues to increase production.Management of H2O in harvests prodution is besides of import, today irrigation is practiced in merely 20 % of the agricultural land in the devloping states but are genearting 130 % more yields.Smallholders should follow the efficeint methods or H2O use.Cliamte alteration has increased the effects or plagues and diseases impacts on the harvests which in consequence has decreased the outputs leval.Resilence othe ecosystems is of import as ecosystem can assist in many ways in prolonging the cliamte and cut downing the degree of GHGs emissions.Harvesting and supply ironss of the harvests should be efficient and advanced so that the station crop losingss should be minimized.Processing and storage of agricutral merchandises besides helps in cut downing the losingss of excess food.Use of advanced engineerings improves the production degree but at the same clip, in some instances the job of ecological harm, resource development and plague and diseases are noticed.These all patterns are making good in different developing states under the guidline of FAO but still there are still so me information spreads which consequences in the faliure of practical application of these production systems and patterns.
Rice is one of the most cardinal nutrient point used in most underdeveloped states and about 3 billion people eat rice daily.Due to the utmost waether conditions H2O logging and irregular rainfall enchantments has adversly effact the end product of rice crop.Differnt methods are proposed to command these effects.Croping forms are changed and embankments are built to construct t protect rice farms from inundations and drouth, tolerant and resistent varities of rice are being introduced.Different researches are being done on rice cultivation and urea deep arrangement UDP engineering has been developed.In bagladesh these this pattern has shown 60 % nest eggs in urea usage and output additions of about 1 ton per hacter.Differnt extenuation and version techniques are being used by different states e.g usage of natural fertilisers, variegation of harvests nad no cultivated land.
Conservation agiculture is another pattern which is proposed by FAO it has three steps.Managemant and usage of fertilisers in such a manner that more is produced with less usage of fertilizers.Rotation of harvests and usage of legums workss for nitrogen arrested development and avoidence of tillage.It reduces the vulnerabilty of harvests by version to cliamte alteration and besides better the nutrient security in sustainable way.agroforestry is another pattern by which the issue of milliliter and nutrient security can be minimized.It is the usage of trees an vitamin D bush in agricutural harvest and in land managemnr systemTrees can better the dirt birthrate, particularly the N repairing legume trees.In Africa this system has increased corns end product from 1.3 to 1.6 tons.It is besides one of chief beginning of C sequestartion of the universe CO2 emissions.It is of import for two hundred extenuation.

Urban and semi urban agricuture is besides impotant to adress the issue of nutrient security and turning demand.50 % of universe population is populating in metropoliss but they can non run into their demand of nutrient so they rely on rural agri products.In metropoliss agriclture production can be parcticed in diffent topographic points like schools, infirmaries roof tops and Windowss boxes etc and these are go oning in some countries.But there are different sorts of hurdlings like the deficit of H2O, land issue, envirnomental impacts of urban agri consequence the populace and make diseaes and wellness concerns.therefore mor advanced tecnolgies are required and metropoliss be aftering should back up the urban agri activities.The demand of more advanced production system is besides needed which can besides carry through the smallfamers enregy needs.Biofules shuold be produced from the residue of different harvests.

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