The Pacific Century

The Pacific Century

Please watch The Pacific Century from 23 minutes until the end (total 35 minutes). This is a segment from Episode 6 of “The Pacific Century,” which was PBS Emmy Award-winning documentary series published in 1992. (Links to an external site.)

pacific century the emergence of modern pacific Asia

(Please note that there is a disturbing segment of the assassination of the opposition party leader Asanuma around 22min 24 seconds — please avoid viewing this segment and start at 23rd minutes if you do not want to see this scene).

Pick one part of the documentary that is consistent with what you learned from the lecture and readings so far (e.g.,Day 1-4 on the syllabus but feel free to go beyond). At least cite and briefly summarize (in one or two sentences) one reading. Then pick another part of the documentary that surprises you as something unexpected or contradicts what we learned in the lecture and readings. Cite and briefly summarize at least one reading or lecture and discuss how what the documentary portrays differs from what the class lecture or reading has discussed.

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