The nation in 1850

Choose one question from the list below and respond. Identify to  which question you are responding. Submit your 1 page response to the Discussion Area. Remember to use supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures. (Here is a guide to help you with APA-style citations.)  By the end of the week, please comment substantively on two or more  classmates’ assignments and to any questions left to you by the  instructor in his or her feedback. Leave comments that raise salient  points and stimulate discussion. Focus on the topic and its historical  context. Be respectful, helpful, clear, and concise. Always utilize  constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of  further learning.
Question 1:
Discuss the various issues confronting the nation in the 1850s that  so inflamed the passions of people in both the North and the South such  that peaceful compromise became less and less a possibility in the  election of 1860. Do you ever foresee a time when America might reach a  similar impasse that could lead to another Civil War? What issues would  likely create this situation?

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