The mediation process and how it work

The mediation process. How Does Mediation Work? The Golden Question and the Six Stages of Mediation; Active Listening Skills

The six step model is key to a successful mediation process. What steps would you anticipate to be the most difficult to process through when doing a mediation?

This chapter talks about the win-win shared gain strategy. What are the key elements to getting to a win-win during a mediation? The Golden Question is another strategy to use in getting to win-win. Can you create your own version of the golden question, when thinking of a conflict that you have experienced? What golden question would have helped you to compromise?

What strategies would you use to manage a Bully Boss?

What strategies do you think would be most effective in dealing with a Bully Boss based on the video, Games People Play? What strategies would be ineffective when dealing with a Bully Boss?

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