The Keeyask Project with Energy Politics in Canada

The Keeyask Project with Energy Politics in Canada

Use the energy project, Keeyask, as the context for the essay.
Possible approaches to writing this paper include arguing for or against the project by looking at a minimum of 3 key issues underlying the project.
For example, you may wish to address: economic growth vs. sustainable energy, regionalism and politics, Indigenous cultural and land rights, ecological hazards and vulnerable communities, global demand of energy, or Canada’s global climate commitment.

As an ecologically concerned professional engineer or anthropologist, you are asked to analyse the issues you identify by incorporating at least three key theories, concepts and ideas.
An example of the key theories, concepts and ideas include: wicked problems, co-management, political economy of growth, political ecology, Indigenous knowledge systems, market based approaches, sustainable development, global governance, petro-hegemonic discourses, environmental racism, culture of consumption and environmental movements.

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