The Importance of Good Habits

Good Habits Did you know that a person can be defined and be judge by his or her appearance. If someone is dirty maybe his personal hygiene or his good habits are not well practiced. A good habit may result to one’s cleanliness and we all know that cleanliness is next to godliness. The assigned person will be using some pictures to show the students the different good habits a person should practice. And every picture the students will be asked to give their opinion about it and reflect to themselves if they are doing the habit indicated in the picture or not. 1. Sleeping early is one good habit to practice.
We should always go to bed early to be able to have enough rest for the day and to regain energy for the next day. Because being sleepy in school is not a good attitude a student should have. Growing kids like you should have at least 8-10 hours of sleep for you to be able to grow taller and most especially energetic for the rest of the day. 2. Brushing your teeth. We should brush our pearly white teeth 3 times a day to be able to keep them from cavities. Using dental floss and mouthwash are also required to keep our gums healthy. Also we should visit our family dentist to have our teeth check so that our teeth will be free from cavities.
We should take care of our teeth since we use them for eating. 3. Cutting our nails. We should keep our nails clean and short and we should do it weekly. Since our hands are the dirtiest part of our body we should always make sure they are clean. We could also bring alcohol and hand sanitizer to keep our hands and nails clean. 4. Combing our hair. Especially to the girls since we do not want to look like we just got off the bed we should comb our hair to be presentable to others. And also to look beautiful and handsome. 5. Exercising. As children you always play outside so it is a good habit since we stretch and exercise our bodies.

And we should not always watch TV and play computer games. Outdoor activities are more fun than indoor activities since as kids you are able to explore your surroundings and appreciate nature. 6. Taking a bath or shower. It is important to be able to keep our bodies clean most especially after playing outdoor games with friends. Also change your underwear regularly, make sure they are clean and also washing of our hands before and after eating. 7. Well balance diet. A well balance meal is always good for our bodies and especially to your growing bodies. We should consult the food pyramid to be able to know how to balance our diet.
A meal should compose of Go, Grow, and Glow foods to be able to give our bodies the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals for us to be able to do our works and chores for the day. In addition, they will sign an oath stating that they will be practicing the good habits everyday and help their fellow classmate to do the same thing. The oath is indicated below: “I, (Name) promise to practice the good habits regularly. In addition, I promise also to help my fellow classmates to do the same thing. ” This activity will be submitted next meeting. Also they are required to bring coloring materials for next week’s activity.