The Impact on Americanization Process

The impact on Americanization process involves enormous movements of people across oceans and continents bringing different cultures into contact and sometimes into conflict (DuBois & Dumenil, 2009 p. 391). They all searched for better lives and more freedom. Native Americans and poor immigrants were pushed aside by continuing the westward expansion (DuBois & Dumenil, 2009 p. 391). Parents and tribal leaders protested the brutality of this coercive Americanization but they were no way to stop it (DuBois & Dumenil, 2009 p. 394).
Some Native American women earned English and other skills in the boarding school programs they had. Some got jobs and worked for reservation agencies and became teachers. For example, Susan la Flesche became the first white trained Native woman physician. She was also the first person to receive federal aid for education. Sussette la Flesche was a writer and speaker on behalf of Indian causes (DuBoise & Dumenil, 2009 p. 395). Americanization program became harsher especially during WWI. I believe this is why some women resisted and other supported.
Immigrant mothers and daughters confronted America very differently (DuBois & Dumenil, 2009 p. 408). Young immigrant women did domestic labor and factory work. Mexicans, Germans, Polish met the demand for servants. Most of these young workers lived with parents or relatives and had to give the earnings to them. Immigrant mothers had responsibility to preserve the way to become Americanize themselves and their families. They cooked traditional foods and followed religious beliefs while the husbands made a family living (DuBois & Dumenil, 2009 p. 410).

The immigrant’s journey women had many obstacles during their journey. It took ten to twenty days to cross and it was in unhealthy conditions as well. I could imagine women that were pregnant or with little ones and how hard it was. I am Hipic I have seen many immigrants’ women trying to cross and some don’t even survive now days. It is hard and some get abused on the way in crossing. I guess many things haven’t changed but it is better than before. In conclusion Native American women had it hard. I believe African American women had it the worse. Boarding schools helped many along the way.

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