The House behind a Weeping Cherry: Analysis

The House behind a Weeping Cherry: Analysis.
The House Behind A Weeping Cherry believe an individual can blame their country for their personal trouble because that country could be a place where people are mistreated by the government. Living in China during the time Of the Cultural Revolution people were persecuted and thrown into prison because they were speaking out against low pay wages and poverty. As in the story “The House Behind A Weeping Cherry”, Ill was smuggled into this country illegally by a man who seed her and other women in slave labor such as prostitution.
Ill was desperate to get out of China because of the ill treatment the peopled faced. She wanted to start a new life in the U. S. Where she would have a chance to make a better life for herself and to make more money to send back to her family in China. Ill was in a trap or a common cycle for women who fall prey to men who take advantage of people who seemingly have no other choices in life. She blamed her country for the situation she finds herself in because the country failed the people by causing them to use any means necessary to flee.
People were dying from poverty and starvation as well as sickness and disease. They had little or no medical care and the working conditions were poor and unsafe. Ill knew she had to leave China somehow even if it meant being placed in slave labor as a prostitute. During this time in China, the people were fighting and demonstrating in the streets. They were dying for the right to fair treatments as a citizen of China. They were demonstrating for an increase in pay wages so that they would be able to care for their families.

As with so many countries, there are different classes of people. The poor people were doing all of the labor and didn’t make enough money to visit a doctor’s office for a regular physical exam. The people couldn’t pay for decent housing and ended up living in huts or in the streets. The government used them unfairly and they didn’t seem to care. Ill came into this country with the hopes of a better life, but was still being used by the circumstances of her country. Living as a prostitute and having to pay the majority of your earnings to someone else is not the makings of a better life.
Using your body to earn a living is even more degrading than living in a country where you are estimated because you are poor. Her life was in the hands Of another person who seemed to have total control. But after meeting someone who gave her hope to break free from the life she was living seemed possible. My struggles were not as serious as Lily’s, but I had to make some hard choices in my life. The choice to go to college to attain a degree in Business Administration was a long journey. After the loss of my job and income, living off of unemployment for two years I hit rock bottom.
Raising a teenager as a single parent had its challenges of its own. Eventually unemployment ran its course and then losing my coop apartment of 14 years. I understand that as a woman had a choice to either rise through this trial or become like Ill and blame my country because of the failed economy in 2008. But instead of blaming my country and the greedy corporations I chose to rise to the occasion and take action. I can no longer be a victim of circumstance, but can make a difference in my life as well as setting an example for my son by going to college in the midst of our struggle and make a greater life for me and my family.

The House behind a Weeping Cherry: Analysis

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