The high level of employee turnover in the healthcare industry

The high level of employee turnover in the healthcare industry


Background of the Problem
Provide a one to a two-page overview of the context and background of the problem being researched in this study. This section has a clear statement demonstrating that the focus of the study is on a significant applied business problem that is worthy of study. There is a brief, well-articulated overview of highlights from the research literature that substantiates the context of the study by indicating a gap between the existing literature in the cognate field and effective business practice. Identify any potential solutions currently in the literature. Use only primary scholarly sources for this section from the last 5 years (see provided preference page).


How to reduce employee turnover in healthcare

Problem Statement
The problem statement should be clear and concise and presented in a single paragraph with less than 250 words. Only primary scholarly sources from the last 5 years may be used in this section. The first sentence must begin with, “The general problem to be addressed is…”, and include consequences that arise from the problem, “… resulting in…”. The general problem sentence must
be an overarching problem clearly related to the field of study that can be proven to exist based upon multiple current (last five years) sources from the literature. The consequences should provide a broad but clear statement regarding the negative outcomes that result from the existence of the general problem.


how does a high employee turnover rate impact the operations in a healthcare organization?


Next, the researcher will provide current literature support for the
assertions made in the general problem sentence from primary scholarly sources from the last five years. The problem statement must end with, “The specific problem to be addressed is…”. The specific problem sentence must be a narrowly focused subset of the general problem that is practical to study within the constraints of the program. It is important to note that the specific

problem might not have been demonstrated to exist in the narrowly focused area. Using words like possible or potential in the specific problem sentence can help avoid bias.
Note: The specific problem statement can include the specific organization being studied but does not need to.

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