The effectiveness of current healthy eating initiatives in primary schools.

The study set out to establish the effectiveness of current healthy eating initiatives in primary schools. In particular, the study aimed to evaluate,
The perceptions of parents in regards to healthy eating initiatives currently being implemented at their child’s schools.

The influence that parents have over their children’s food choices.
The attitudes and beliefs of teachers in regards to healthy eating education.
The influence income and socio economic factors have on children’s eating habits.
The research was conducted through the use of interviews with teachers and kitchen staff within two schools and questionnaires to parents in order to collect the relevant information in order to answer the question of the study.
The results concluded that healthy eating initiatives were successful in primary schools but in order for this to happen there needed to be support from both parents and the schools. It was also evident that the school which received a lot of support from the parents had more successful healthy eating initiatives than the school where support from parents and teachers was not so strong. The results also concluded that socio economic factors will influence the way in which children consume healthy foods and also parents will have a huge influence on children’s foods choices and their perceptions of healthy foods.
Recommendations for further research included a longitudinal study at the two schools in order to experience first hand any changes or influences in regards to healthy eating initiatives and perceptions of healthy foods. Also it was suggested that a bigger sample of teachers and parents could be interviewed in a wider variety of schools in order to establish any other contributing factors to the success of healthy eating initiatives in primary schools.

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