The economic changes in the uk as a result of Covid pandemic

The economic changes in the uk as a result of Covid pandemic. Select a country from your locality (if you are located in mainland Europe or Asia you cannot choose the UK for example) and analyse the recent changes in the economic environment of that country due to COVID19 using appropriate concepts from the module to date and indicators from your own empirical research. Summarise your findings in a poster, using appropriate data, theory and diagrams to illustrate your preliminary analysis. Each country’s reaction to COVID has been different, so to complete this part effectively you will need to consider a range of issues such as domestic/national issues, the current stage of development, population demographics/market size, political stability, economic indicators, income levels and government economic policies towards limiting the economic damage wrought by COVID-19. You should aim to make your work visually interesting and attractive whilst also ensuring that it presents a comprehensive and factual analysis of the country’s changing economic environment. Images and graphics can be quite large files and may have to be edited and reduced in size before being inserted in your work

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