The Changing Role of Global Human Capital Managers and Sustaining the Competitive Edge

 Due Date:  Wed, 12/20/17
Deliverable Length:  750–1,000 words 

Key Assignment

Part 2:
You and Shawn are now ready to meet with John and AGC’s investor group. Shawn calls to check in with you about the executive report. You need to add one more section of information that will help ensure that AGC remains proactive and competitive in a quickly changing global environment. You have enjoyed working with Shawn on the change management project and know that you will soon have fond memories of helping AGC be more aware of the value of human capital.
Review the AGC scenario for this course, revise Part 1 of the Key Assignment based on your instructor’s feedback, and add an additional 750–1000 words to the executive report that addresses the following:

Now that the change management plan has been completed, describe AGC’s new leadership styles and organizational culture.
Are there any potential internal or external threats that AGC should be prepared to address in its business environment?
How can AGC detect these potential internal and external threats?
What are some methods that AGC can use to protect the organization from these internal and external threats?

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