The Black Family: 40 years of lies

According to the ideology of the black family concept, poverty has been described as black and intergenerational. The blackness of the family comes from the fact that a lot of poverty in the late eighteenth century was associated with the Negroes family, who were black in colour. According to consecutive statistics, poverty increased significantly in this community compared to the white, and it persisted for around forty years, making the forty years of lies.

The predominance of the poverty both in terms of years and index gave birth to the black family, the American Negroes who were in total black poverty. On taking my stand, I strongly agree the arguments of this article, the Moynihan report. The collapse of the nuclear family led to mass poverty through out of wed lock children bearing and teen pregnancy. The Negro problem could not be solved without isolated study of its way of living, level of income and the social life in general. The reason as to why I support the report is majory based on time.

I will make my argument through reflecting the time this was happening. This was a time when cultural roots were strongly held on specialized obligations of the male and female within a familial structure. The male were supposed to provide for the family whereas the female were to take care of the family. This is why the report argues that with male heads working, women and children were safe. In this ghetto culture, poverty flourishes very well for it sounds as work place discrimination based on gender.
Because the population of the Negroes was increasing, the tangle of pathology was obvious. This was a state characterized by fatherlessness, crime, school failure, joblessness and juvenile delinquency. When any community is not tied to many and diversified social, economic and political obligations, they tend to worship their cultural identities. Because of the idleness, the population has to explode obviously (http://www. city-journal. org/html/15_3_black_family. html).
The root cause of the Negroes problems was the nature of their culture on family issues. The break of nuclear family made total defiance from the social roles and responsibilities. The instability of the nuclear family resulted to mass single parentage and teen pregnancy. When children are risen up by a single parent, it is very probable that the same children will adopt the same spirit form the parent. Such kinds of children do not access education, health and other social amenities. As Johnson argues, when a family collapses, children are damaged.
If this takes place at a massive scale, then the whole community gets crippled as the case of Negro Americans. Faced with the above challenges, this community had no otherwise rather than adapting to civilization ways of life, which could only be facilitated by the authority. It is a mechanism that can still apply today for poverty stricken communities. I support the campaign that was made to build a pre unit school within the ghetto zone. This was the base and the minimum level which civilization could be instilled within this community.
The rest of the world should learn that the nature of family structure can adversely increase vices such as child dependency, prevalence to diseases, population burst, welfare dependency, single parentage, teen pregnancy or out of wedlock teen pregnancy epidemic. For reforms, it is wise to emphasize on use of contraceptives, sex education, universal education and the desire to rise to a higher social class (http://www. city-journal. org/html/15_3_black_family. html). Work Cited: Hymowitz, S. Kay (2005) The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies. Retrieved on 31st January 2009 from, http://www. city-journal. org/html/15_3_black_family. html