The Art of Negotiation. Qualities of a Good Negotiator

The art of negotiation.
Qualities of a good negotiator. Good negotiation is an important part of every business. If you are a good negotiator, you can be very successful in running a business. Excellent negotiation skills can allow you, for example, to persuade your rivals into making an alliance with your company or into working with you on a new deal. It will help you to discuss moot (???????) points of business with your competitors, direction, subordinates(???????????) and so on. So, which skills can help you to be an unbeaten negotiator? In my opinion, the most important thing is to be a good listener.Never interrupt your opponent.
You should be patient and cool, especially when you are in the middle of a conflict. Remaining calm is a very useful quality in people who take part in the negotiation process. In particular, when you are personally attacked or when you are in stressful situations. You have to identify and analyse the most important issues carefully, but quickly. You should understand that at the end of the negotiation both sides can win. I think compromise is as good as victory. If you win in a negotiation, you will realize that others have needs.

In my opinion, we take part in negotiations every day.For example, when we discuss with our parents the possibility of going out at night. As for me, I am not a very good negotiator. It is the result of my personal psychological qualities. I am very emotional and it is very hard for me to stay calm in the middle of a conflict. But I can’t say that I’m an unsuccessful negotiator. For example, recently my friend had an argument with her boyfriend.
I talked with them separately and found out the cause of the argument. They had just misunderstood each other. So I persuaded them to talk to each other in a calm atmosphere. It proved my success as a negotiator.

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