The After effects of Divorce on Children

The After Effects of Divorce on Children

In this assignment, you will pull together all you have learned in the class, as it pertains to the topic you chose. The goal of the assignment is to apply all that you have learned throughout the class, to defend the topic you are presenting. In this paper, you will see how you can apply theory to practice counseling as it pertains to your topic.



The student will write a research paper that describes the prevalent attitudes, beliefs, paradigms, and contemporary thoughts related to one of the topics listed below:

  • The paper should present how the components of the chosen philosophy contrast to the biblical purpose of marriage and family.
  • The student can use the Balswick’s text to contrast the prevailing beliefs of the selected topic with a scriptural foundation.
  • The paper should offer supporting research for how the prevailing topic is impacting marriages, children, and families.

What are the long-term consequences of divorce on children?


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