The Achievements of Healthcare in Qatar

The Achievements of Healthcare in Qatar

The Achievements of Healthcare in Qatar. Qatar is one of the smallest and richest countries in the Middle East, with world-class medical care. With the government’s aid, Qatar has introduced a healthcare system accrediting access to quality services for all its citizens. While some challenges accompany the newly dawning system, there are massive achievements in the medical system. Introducing the healthcare system is vital as it has led to a beneficial influence on the Qatar economy.

The healthcare system in Qatar has faced various challenges. Among the numerous pitfalls during development, a pandemic is more arduous. Al-Ibrahim et al. claim that during the pandemic, the lack of proper knowledge and expertise on COVID-19 was burdensome (para. 4). Due to the increasing number of infection and death cases, more caregivers faced mental health problems. Additionally, the high cost of healthcare in Qatar has been a major challenge. Following Doha news, Qarjouli writes that Qatar ranks third in costly health insurance claims. In response to reducing the expenditure, the government introduced a requisite health insurance system for both citizens and foreigners; this policy aimed at offering quality healthcare while ensuring financial viability. Conclusively, honing the pandemic and medical high-cost issues can benefit Qatar’s economy by enhancing sustainability for the Qatari population.

Qatar displays major accomplishments by investing in the healthcare system

Qatar displays major accomplishments by investing in the healthcare system; The state has emerged among the top-list countries with the best medical care. The country’s ability to oppose the coronavirus pandemic while providing quality medical services exhibits a huge accomplishment. In Al-Ibrahim’s post, the Ministry of Public Health’s resilience to contain the pandemic actualized the hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2022. In addition, creating a healthcare system has improved the state’s economy, increased employment, and provided better medical services. The World Bank asserts that ensuring affordable and quality medical services boosts prosperity in developing countries. This claim proves that improving the healthcare systems and working on the pitfalls may aid in developing the medical infrastructure of other countries. Convincingly, creating an exceptional public health system has been a great healthcare achievement; it has induced medical tourism, further escalating Qatar’s economy.

Qatar is one of the top countries globally that has developed a healthcare system. The COVID-19 pandemic and the high cost of healthcare have been challenges in the healthcare system. However, the Ministry of Public Health has worked hard to ensure quality medical care for Qatari citizens and foreigners. Qatar’s government dominates the development of the healthcare system, which has boosted the country’s economy and increased employment, increasing its wealth.






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