The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian—Sherman Alexie

Short Critical Response Essay #2 Diary
The prompts for this essays will be of your own making. You will simply choose a topic of interest, brought up in one or more of the readings currently being studied for that week. This essay differ from Canvas posts in that they should be more in-depth and a formal analysis of some of the major themes, character analysis, correlations between the real world and various themes, etc. and the utilization and application of one or more of our theories.
They will be evaluated for reading comprehension and critical thinking—this essay should be analysis not summary. You should not summarize the biographies, introductory materials, or readings.
You should use these essays to make connections between what you are reading and various observations about history, other literature, stories from the media, other classes you are taking, etc. This is a formal essay which should be supported with evidence (quotes from the text).
Research is not necessary, beyond the theories; however, if you would like to incorporate some research you are welcome to do so. Most of your essay however, should be original connections and thinking that you have come up with. The essay should also include 2 critical discussion questions which may be brought up in class.
The essays should be 2-3 pages double-spaced and adhere to MLA format for parenthetical citations and a works cited page (further information on MLA format can be found at the OWL Purdue website found on our Canvas pages).
*Your essays will be graded based on three main areas: Analysis (10pts.), Support (evidence, correctly cited) (10pts), and Mechanics (grammar, syntax, diction, format) (10pts.).

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