please type and hand in answers to these TGC questions:
1. On p. 103, Jeannette states, “Mom and Dad liked to make a big point about never surrendering to fear or to prejudice or to the narrow-minded conformist sticks-in-the-mud who tried to tell everyone else what was proper.” a) What did she mean by that? b) Provide two specific examples of how they lived that philosophy in real life. c) What is your response to those examples of their behavior, and why do you feel that way?
2. Did Rex like living in Phoenix? Why or why not? Give specific examples.
3. Briefly describe the Walls’ family’s trip to the zoo, and discuss what lessons the kids may have learned from it. Also, describe your response to Rex’s behavior.
4. Discuss your reaction to the Walls’ family’s Christmas celebration. Include in your answer the preparations for Christmas, the visit to the church and the Christmas celebration at home. How do you think that incident may have affected the relationship between the children and Rex, and why?
5. For her tenth birthday, Jeannette asked Rex for something. What was it, and how do you think Rex felt about hearing her request? Did he end up giving her what she wanted, and was it easy for him to do so? Explain.
6. An incident occurred which caused Rex to disappear from home for three days. What happened, and why did it make him leave home for so long?  How did this incident also affect Jeannette?
(Note:  The questions only cover pp. 102-121, but read until 132 because we will discuss 122-132 in class on Weds, 3/20.)

In the files is the text from the book.

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