Texas Judicial Elections and court process

Texas Judicial Elections and court process. Texas is one of only two states that initially elects and then re-elects its judges in partisan elections where voters have the option of casting a straight-ticket vote. A consequence of this rare combination of partisan elections and straight-ticket voting is extremely limited variation in the share of the vote received by judicial candidates and a concomitant tendency for judicial election sweeps whereby one party wins all of the judicial races within a jurisdiction, be it at the statewide, appeals court district, or county level.

Texas Judicial Elections

At present, an overwhelming majority of Texas judges are elected based not on their legal qualifications and judicial philosophy, or even on their own campaign efforts, but rather on the performance of their party (in the straight-ticket vote) and of their party’s top-tier candidates (e.g., presidential, gubernatorial) within the jurisdiction where their race is being contested.

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