Texas Constitution Discussion Forum

Texas Constitution Discussion Forum

The Texas Constitution allows the state governor to veto bills, but lets the state legislature override a veto with a two-thirds vote of both the House and Senate.

In fact, though, a governor’s veto in Texas can almost never be overridden. Why? Timing (see page 18 of this report) (Links to an external site.). Most vetoes happen after the Legislative session has ended.

What was the only amendment to the 1845 constitution of Texas?

In 2009, the House approved an amendment to the Texas Constitution, H.J.R. 29 (Links to an external site.), which would have allowed the legislature to call itself into special session briefly to consider overriding gubernatorial vetoes. This report (Links to an external site.) by the House Research Organization explains how it would work.

Imagine you are a state representative, speaking to a group of your constituents at a town hall meeting. You are asked whether you would support this idea. Post a paragraph explaining to your constituents what you think about this proposed amendment, and why you would support or oppose it.