Technology of War

Patrick Struszczyk Professor Mako November 23, 2010 HHS-125 Technology of War War brings with it a surge of technologies. Development of tactics, machines, and general technology usually arise in times of trial. Two wars, the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War, are prime examples of how technology and tactic morph and evolve. Tactics in war are one of the more vital aspects, a proper set of tactics can help overcome dramatic odds. The French/Indian War involved the French, the Natives of North America, and the British.
During the war, European powers followed strict guidelines and protocol when in battle; form lines of 3 men deep, fire in volleys, take care of prisoners lives, opposing generals would dine together; these and other rules composed European warfare. The Indians, on the other hand, fought guerilla style ambushing and using hit/run maneuvers to harass, tire, and weaken the enemy. The tactics in the French/Indian War were integrated by the Americans during the Revolutionary War while the British continued with their traditional tactics. Though tactics play an important role in battle, it is not the single factor that determines the victor.As war developed, so did the machines used. An army with more advanced weapons would have tremendous advantages over an army with ‘outdated weapons’. During the French and Indian War, great strides were made in the area of guns and cannons.
Both the French/Indian and British used muskets, cannons, and the newly created rifles. ‘Involving muskets the British favored the ‘Brown Bess’ and the French had the Charleville’ (French and Indian War). Before this war muskets were only accurate at around 50 meters and had to be protected by pikemen when reloading.The addition of bayonets and rifling in the barrel fixed these problems and increased effectiveness. ‘Since rifling was expensive and time consuming, at first only the best shots in the regiment were given rifles’ (Weapons). The Revolutionary war continued these military improvements. Rifles began replacing muskets in the British divisions while the Americans had to collect weapons from the French and Indian War, other countries, or from captured British holds.

‘A key in battles such as in Boston and defending coastal bases were cannons’ (Valis).Cannons were usually imported from England and stolen by the Americans, they were measured based on the size of the cannonballs they fired. War is demanding on not only soldiers, but also on citizens who have to provide food, funds, shelter, and tools for the armies. The demands of war usually bring advancement of general technology either during or after a war. A few years after wars, the technology is usually made open the public to do what they can and adapt it to their lives while the government begins new ways of improving warfare. A few examples are from the French and Indian war.The men kept their muskets and were able to use them for hunting and such.
‘Interchangeable parts in France began in the production of muskets but soon trickled into textiles, crafts making and such’ (Interchangeable). War is an activity that evolves over time due to development in tactics, weapons, general technology, and other factors; such as the changes from the French and Indian war to the American Revolution.Works Cited”French and Indian War. ” Military:French and Indian War. GlobalSecurity. Org, 27 04 2005. Web.
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