Technological advances and more specifically web 2.0

Technological advances and more specifically web 2.0 have affected consumer behaviour patterns.  These changes have significantly affected the Leisure and tourism industry. The lasting effects of the new technologies have improved information accessibility, raised the levels of competition, and transformed both consumers and businesses travel markets around the globe. Consumers are empowered and now they have a chance to find lower-priced travel online; many of them are using the same method in order to search for all their travel needs (e.g., car rental, hotel, airline tickets, attractions and events) through a one stop shopping approach. The fact is that information technology had literally cut out the “proverbial middleman” in this sector since by selling directly to consumers online travel agents offer prices and value added services unavailable through traditional travel agents (Kapoulas & Ratković 2015).

For a leisure and tourism institution of your choice, conduct secondary online consumer behavior research, identifying:

  • how web 2.0 and other advancements such as the evolution to the current coexistence of the Web of Context (Web 3.0) and the Web of Things (Web 4.0) have affected the Leisure and Tourism Industry
  •  the customer mindset (offline & online) when facing the prospects of interacting with their leisure and tourism providers in a social media setting
  • customer attitudes and opinions towards leisure and tourism social media campaigns
  • the main motivators that affect online consumers  to buy leisure and tourism provider offerings via web (2.0, 3.0,  4.0)
  • the main criteria used by customers to evaluate their virtual shopping   experience
  •  Based on the above what social media activities could be developed that support / extend institutions existing promotional strategies? What additional online marketing strategies would you recommend to the institution so as improve further the online customer shopping experience, increase cross-selling opportunities and boost online customer positive word of mouth?