Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration

Describe the problem. Explain the significanceof the problem as it relates to nursing/healthcare where you have identified the problem. Provide a clear problem statement. Explain why this is an important issue/ concern, the background of the issue.

Conduct a literaturereview related to the problem. Find 5-7 peer reviewed, current journal articles. Website sources will not be counted in the 5-7 requirement but can be used as additional resources. Explain what the literature suggests and synthesis the results as they relate to the proposed solution and problem.  What is suggested as best practice based on studies?

Method for executing the solution; what resources would you need to carry out this proposal? Does the culture of the organization or community of interest support/or detract from accomplishment of this? Explain the necessary resources which may include monetary needs, manpower, equipment, time etc.  This is the detailed plan of what would need to be done to execute the proposal.

How does this proposal reflect one QSEN competency? Describe how you see the chosen competency as the most critical/important/or reflective of your project proposal.

Explain how you plan toevaluate the success of the proposal, how will you know it worked?

Synthesize what you learned from the literature and from the proposal to indicate nursing implications to practice /concluding remarks.

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