Team Analysis Paper

I need a Team Analysis 8 page paper with the following criteria, please make paper 20% or less plagiarism.  Due Tuesday 30th at 10pm Eastern Standard time. 

 Team Analysis Paper Students will conduct an analysis of a team that they were or are presently a member. If not a member of a team, students should speculate on being a member of a team and conduct an analysis on what should occur if developing a formal team. Students should reflect on the team according to the Characteristics, Processes, Issues and Organizational Context found in our Levi text, Group Dynamics for Teams. Additional guidance includes: a. do not cover all the aspects that Levi discusses, just the most important or those that impact (ed) the team in significant ways; b. assess the team according to the Team Assessment from the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team found on pp. 191 – 194; discuss the results; c. the general format should include what the team did/does well, what it did/does poorly and what it could have/could done/do to improve its performance. d. length is eight pages, +/- one page; APA format, document the Levi text with proper use of in-text citations and a reference section; The grading rubric for this Team Analysis Paper is below: Overview of the team: 20 Points Identification and analysis of team Characteristics, Processes, Issues, and Organizational Context (see the outline of the Levi text): 100 Points Dysfunction Assessment Analysis: 20 Points Recommendations to Improve Performance: 30 Points APA style, grammar, length (8 pages, +/- a page): 30 Points Total: 200 Points