Tangos in Communication Industry in Jamaica

Tangos will be a part of the communications industry in Jamaica. Tangos will be involved in providing a phone repair service and the sale of our own invention of technological devices such as phones and tablets, mainly to the residents of Leaguing and its environs. A variety of repair services will be provided. These include: phone repair, mainly android devices, laptops, loganberries, tablets and the insertion of trackers.
The business will also involve the sale Of parts for those devices repaired and sold. These parts include: batteries, touch pads, phone cases and others. Tangos will also involve the sale our own gadgets. These include, our newly invented smart watch called the LATENT, the phenomenal CEO TABLET and our own android device called the LEECH. Objectives of the Business: The repair shop will provide good quality repair to its valid customers at an affordable cost. Tangos will provide a clean and healthy environment to conduct business.
Tangos will strive to provide excellent customer service. Tangos will provide timely service and affordable devices to its customers. LOCATION Tangos will be located at 130 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6 at the Sovereign Centre. REASONS FOR THE LOCATION OF THE BUSINESS. Tangos will be located in the heart of the business area in Leaguing, because of the many other businesses in the vicinity that would attract people to my business; this means more potential customers for Tangos.

The business will be located close to its market because it will provide easier access to its potential customers. The fact that the Sovereign Centre is a major business area in Leaguing also makes it relatively easy for those potential customers to access to the area, because of the many means of transport. This location is also ideal because, there is a ready supply of labor for this type of business. Type of Plan: Production Plan Name: Rehashed Taylor School: Jamaica College Centre Number: 100052 Date of Submission:

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