Talent Development and Human Resource Management

Talent Development and Human Resource Management.

analyze strategies and techniques for human resource management, talent development, and staff recruitment and retention. Based on your research, write a paper in which you: Analyze evidence-based best practices for human resource management used in creating an employee-centered organization as those best practices relate to the organization’s vision, mission, culture, and strategy.

Analyze best practices and expectations for accountability in human resource management and talent development in health care organizations.
Explain how enforcing accountability can help an organization achieve established goals and challenge the status quo.
Propose leadership strategies to achieve organizational human resources goals and challenge the status quo.
Propose interventions to promote collaboration and goal attainment.
Describe how the use of professionalism in one’s skills and abilities as a leader impact effective talent development and employee retention.
Explain how professionalism helps an organization achieve established goals and challenge the status quo.

Talent Development

Financial motivation is also another human resource practice that can make the organization employee centered. Financial motivation includes rewards that go beyond the normal remuneration and include additional benefits for work well done. As an example, profit sharing has been embraced as an approach where the firm pushes the idea that employees are working for their own benefits since higher profits means a higher share.

Further, profit sharing gives the perception that the employees are part of the organization. Other financial motivators for employees include tenure awards that seek to appreciate an employee’s long service at the organization. Such an approach reduces turnover and motivates the employees to stick to organization’s goals, vision, and mission.    


Accountability within health organizations is an important factor and this is because there are concerns on the need to ensure the organization’s productivity while also sticking to the ethical guidelines defining interactions between health providers and patients. Such expectations imply that human resource management in health organizations has the prerogative of defining steps towards achieving accountability while also ensuring a focus on talent development. One of the best practices towards achieving accountability and talent development is the involvement of employees in setting clear and attainable goals and giving them the authority to achieve these goals.

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