SWOT Analysis Questions

Strengths (What do I do well? ) Weaknesses (Where can I make improvements? ) My ability to solve problems and find missing information. I can create a compromise in almost any situation where I am not initially benefiting. I can diffuse altercations in a calm manner without offending either party or the opposing party. I can sacrifice my own needs and wants to ensure everybody else is satisfied. In certain situations, not compromising my own happiness to please others.
Communicating with others professionally. Focusing more because I tend to get sidetracked more easily than others. Not being able to feel genuine sentiment when others express themselves to me.
Opportunities (What kinds of things could I be doing based on my strengths? )

Threats (Where could I be using my strengths and talents more productively? ) Participate in being a guidance/mentor figure for teenagers. Join a sports team to practice leadership skills. Interact more with family and friends to provide my help wherever necessary.
Learn o do certain financial services on my own such as taxes and investments. In my work environment, speak up more to show I am more capable. Ask more questions to people close to me about their current events or issues. Politely involve myself or mediate when I see others getting into a confrontation. Offer my time more often to charities or people around me Reflection: Write a one-paragraph reflection on what was most interesting to you in the SWOT analysis. From the SWOT analysis, I find that a lot of the time I put others needs and wants before my own to ensure their happiness.
I look at this as a strength but after actually doing the analysis I notice it could also be a weakness. Sometimes it is okay to stand your ground especially when it is something that ties into a goal I am trying to achieve. Most of the time people will understand hearing “No” every once in a while being that I am always willing to do for others, they will take my own agenda into consideration for themselves by not making me have to spell it out or avoiding to ask things of me as a whole sometimes.

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Strategic Implications of a Swot Analysis

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