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SWOT Analysis Lauren Fischer October 29, 2012. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Location Low student to teacher ratio Weaknesses: Crime College Mission/Vision Lack of Diversity Threats: Economy Peer Insitutions Opportunities: Economy External fundraising efforts Strengths: Location Low student to teacher ratio Weaknesses: Crime College Mission/Vision Lack of Diversity Threats: Economy Peer Insitutions Opportunities: Economy External fundraising efforts Strengths: Location The college may bene? t most from it’s location.
The location may have little to do with the inner workings of the college, but it is one of the most attractive features about the college. The campus aesthetics, historical surroundings and proximity to the beach makes it an attractive location for prospective college students and helps increase enrollment. The quality of life here is rated highly which not only draws students to enroll, but leads to high retention rates amongst the student body. Student to Teacher Ratio The student faculty ratio stands at 16:9:1 which allows an intimate learning environment for the students.
The The faculty is bright and genuinely care about the students. Students get to experience an availability to their professors and a personalized learning experience. This bene? ts the students and allows them to excel academically throughout their time at the college of charleston and establishes a mutual respect and good relationship between the students and faculty. Students come here seeking that level of attention and leave the school receiving more than they expected. Weaknesses Crime The College lies in the heart of downtown Charleston, which neighbors North Charleston.

North Charleston is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. Crime draws bad publicity and damages student morale. While many students who are expecting an urban environment and have an understanding that there are dangers with living in a city, the crime level may hinder perspective students from enrolling. Theft is an issue on campus for many of the students. College Mission/Vision According to Charleston’s strategic plan for the year of 2012, the college has failed to assert itself in the community. Internal and external constituents are often computed about the College’s missions, questioning whether it is the state’s liberal art’s college or a comprehensive university, private or public, a teaching or a research institution. ” (Strategic Plan, p. 2) Two- thirds of the students at the College of Charleston are earning degrees in the liberal arts and sciences and most of the faculty and students regard the school as a liberal arts college. The state of South Carolina considers College of Charleston to be one of the ten comprehensive institutions.
Lack of Diversity The College of Charleston has increased it’s academic quality and quality of life signi? cantly over the years. “ It’s student body remains overwhelmingly white, female, middle class. The college’s current strategic plan says that percentage of students from diverse ethnic groups at the College of Charleston is the lowest of any of the state’s four-year colleges and universities. The lack of diversity may hinder enrollments, especially those students looking for a unique urban experience. The school should try to develop strategies or programs that might attract more students from diverse backgrounds.
Opportunities Economy While for many reasons the economy can be seen as a threat, and in today’s world it is a threat for many colleges across the nation, it is an opportunity in disguise. Because of the economic downfall, many adults have been let go from there jobs. Many people who have become unemployed over the last few years have made the decision to return to school. Enrollments are up, and people are ? nishing their degrees and receiving new ones. In result, the college is receiving more money from new enrollments and helping adults continue their future.
External Fundraising Efforts The college has a strong presence and history in the city of charleston. The school needs to utilize that presence and seek out external fundraising efforts and support. According to College of Charleston’s strategic plan, the college’s external resources have been historically weak and remain signi? cantly behind the level of of success in peer institutions. There seems to be an issue of underfunding throughout the college, but increased relations with external resources can enhance endowment resources and continue on with future growth of the college.
Threats Economy While the current economy could lead to possible opportunities for the college, it stands as an obvious threat the the college and its operations. State appropriation combined with other operating revenues make up only 20 percent of the budget, making the College Substantially dependent on tuition revenues. The college cannot depend on state sources alone to fund future growth. In our current economy, people are pinching their pockets and saving money in any way that they can.
In result, many are opting out of college or going to community colleges instead. There is a higher demand for loans and scholarships than ever before. The College is currently unable to offer all deserving students competitive scholarships and ? nancial aid. People are hurting everywhere, usual donors and alumni are cutting their costs and providing less donations to the college or none at all. This causes in shortages for technology, facilities, and athletics. Peer Institutions Peer institutions have always and will always be a threat to the College of Charleston.
People are going to less urban schools where the cost of living is cheaper. The College is not well known for their sports and does not have a football team, so many schools with strong athletics draw in more students who desire the camaraderie big athletics brings to a university. Salaries and bene? ts for faculty and staff has not kept pace with our competitors. This could cause lowered retention and recruitment among the staff and faculty at the college and College Of Charleston could risk losing their strong reputation.
All of these weaknesses in the college’s internal and external workings stand as a bene? t for other institutions and pose as a threat to the success of the College of Charleston. Sources: The College of Charleston http://www. cofc. edu/strategicplan/ The Princeton Review http://www. princetonreview. com/schools/college/CollegeAcademics. aspx? iid=1022 883 College Prowler http://collegeprowler. com/college-of-charleston/ Post & Courier http://www. postandcourier. com/article/20121016/PC05/121019443/1010/conde-nast-charleston-top-tourist-cityin-the-world

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