Supply Chain for NARS

Supply Chain for NARS

Based on evaluation and identification of your selected brand’s current distribution channels (both consumer and wholesale), develop an update plan to your direct-to-consumer distribution network aimed to increased agility, including ideas around alternate fulfillment strategies and facility repurposing.

2. Outline any operating expense or margin savings that could help fund the investment required to support your strategy; detail out the impacts for first half of 2022 (Q1 and Q2)

3. Determine what should be the top three most impactful levers in enabling flexibility in your supply chain.

4. Consider focus levers within both supplier-to-brand and brand-to-consumer nodes; these could include but are not limited to speed to market decisions such as location of supplier, concentration of suppliers, store allocation, IT system, etc.

5. How would you ensure your suppliers and manufacturing partners can handle disruptions such as sudden shortfalls, demand spikes, or need to produce new products?

6. What are some ways in which advanced analytics and digital innovation will play a role in your strategy’s success?