summary writing

You will need to select and provide a summary of a maximum of five articles. Three of the articles will be drug related stories that appear in the recent news. The other two articles will be peer-reviewed scientific articles that are drug related. 
1. Title, author, publication date, and link to article provided.
2. Article must be from recent news (no more than three articles) or a peer-reviewed article (no more than two articles).
3. An original summary (100-200 words), touching on key points of the article.
4. All articles must be drug-related and credible. 
Grading will be done on an all-or-none basis. There will be no partial points awarded. If your article summary contains all necessary parts, you will receive credit for the article. However, if your article is missing any of the required components, no credit will be awarded.
Identifying a Peer Review Article:
In general, one way to determine if a paper is a peer review scientific article is if it contains a number of key sections, such as an Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Reference section. For the purpose of this assignment, review papers, opinion papers, editorial/commentary papers, etc. will not be accepted.

1) Title: ________________________________________________________________
Author(s): _______________________________________________________________
Publication date: _________________
Article type (select one): Recent news or peer-reviewed article?
Summary: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Link to article: ___________________________________________________________

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