Summary and Analysis essay (4 paragraphs) due at 11 PM

Summary & Analysis Essay
Select any one of the following articles for this assignment
Assignment Description: The  essay requires you to produce a solid one paragraph summary and one  paragraph of analysis.  Please also include a brief introductory  paragraph and a brief conclusion. Use these paragraphs to introduce the  reading by presenting the author/title in the correct MLA or APA format  as well as the big important ideas and issues that pertain to the essay.  The conclusion should restate some of the “big” ideas and end with a  powerful and profound statement. Submit through the assignment portal on  Canvas
Getting Started:  Each  Summary & Analysis essay will contain a one paragraph introduction  and well as a one paragraph conclusion along with one paragraph of  summary and one paragraph of analysis. Total of four paragraphs!
First Paragraph:
Provide  a brief introductory paragraph that presents the author and title and a  few major points about the writing. Statements made in introductory  paragraphs should be broad and sweeping. Deliver a thesis statement or  claim and support with big important reasons. 
2nd Paragraph:          Summary

Systematically move through the beginning, middle, and end of the writing and summarize the major points 
Present factual information, don’t offer opinion
Use the author’s last name…this is called an attributive tag 
Use  action verbs such as: describes, explores, examines, highlights,  challenges, presents, compares, contradicts…Write in present tense  whenever possible 
The sparse use of quotes 

3rd Paragraph: Analysis
Demonstrate  an in-depth understanding of the text by providing analysis. Of course  there is some overlap but in general, address and present points of  analysis that consider the following:

What is the major message or thrust of the writing? 
Why is the work important? 
What strategies does the author use to support position?
Are there any autobiographical elements in the writing? 
Does the author incorporate the use of other scholarly sources?

4th Paragraph
Create  a brief conclusion that restates the thesis and supporting reasons.  Deliver bold and sweeping statements. End with a profound statement and  call for action!

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