1. You can choose the following chapter in A People’s History of the United States to summarize in a 2.5+ double spaced, type-written paper, size 12 font:
Chapter 18: The Impossible Victory: Vietnam

Please be sure to tell me the major points of the chapter. That is, what is the chapter topic? What time period does it span? What were major political or social happenings at the time? What was the government’s role? How were the American people affected? Lastly, and please be sure to answer this: what does this chapter teach us? Why is it important? How does it add to or nuance our understanding of American democracy?

You are required to type up at least 2.5 pages. You may type up as many as 6 pages to answer those questions.

2. Please watch the film Broken Rainbow. Here is the link:

What is the issue presented, and why do you feel that this is the film I decided to end our class with? How does it connect to the American Indian issues that we have discussed in class? This type-written response should be at least 1 page long.