Summarize and Respond

Please read the attached article by Min-Zhan Lu. Summarize the article and respond to the article in 400-450 words by thinking through her arguments and experiences in your writing. What seems important in this article? What is Lu commenting on? What do you think of the concept of the Contact Zone? Appropriate response/discussion includes your evaluation or criticism of arguments found in the reading, your own suggestions for extending or modifying these arguments, finding points of connection or contradiction between readings, application of ideas found in the reading to analyze a specific issue of interest to you, and reflections on personal experiences touched on by the reading. Citations are appreciated. Please write and save your posts in a word document or equivalent for your records and upload acceptable files (doc, docx.)
Please use simple sentence and non-academic vocab to write, make your paper easy understanding. 
Please only write 2 paragraph, one for summarize, one for respond.
MLA, single space. 

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