Submission of the Pandemic and Mental Health Survey Write-Up

Submission of the Pandemic and Mental Health Survey Write-Up. This project provides the opportunity for you and the rest of the class to design an original survey on a specific topic that will be administered to SCC students using SurveyMonkey. This will include the following:
• Submission of a survey topic proposal by all class members and the selection of a final topic.
• Submission of possible survey items by all class members and the selection of final items to be included on the survey.
• Placement of the survey on SurveyMonkey by the instructor and completion of the survey by students in other psychology classes.
• Entry of survey data on the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) by the instructor.
• Individual analysis of survey data by each student using the statistical procedures defined below.
• An individual and independent APA-formatted writeup of survey findings by each student.

Submission of the Pandemic and Mental Health Survey Write-Up

Survey Development Guidelines
• Try to develop a survey topic that is interesting to both participants and class members and yields information that hasn’t been repeatedly studied in the past.
• Clearly identify the objectives of the survey, <link is hidden> the topics that you plan to cover and the information you want to gather.
• Develop survey items that clearly relate to your objectives; for example, if you seeking to determine the relationship between the use of social networking sites and college success, make sure you include items that measure such usage and outcomes.
• Include demographic items (<link is hidden> age, gender, ethnicity, units completed) that will provide useful information regarding the nature of the audience and differences among groups in their responses.
• Develop survey items that are quantifiable and easily entered on a spreadsheet.
• Make sure that survey items are clear, concise, and unambiguous.
• Make sure that survey items are not overly intrusive or personally objectionable to a large audience.
Statistical Analysis
• The instructor will provide a handout that includes the following:
• Descriptive statistics for variables included in the survey, including
• Frequencies and percentages of responses for all variables.
• Means and standard deviations for all variables using an interval or ratio scale
• Each student will individually analyze survey data using the following two methods of analysis.
• A Chi-Square Analysis of Goodness of Fit using two predetermined nominal scale variables. For example, a Chi-Square Analysis could be used to determine if there are gender-based differences in whether or not academic performance changed as a result of taking all online classes.
• A Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient using two predetermined interval or ratio scale variables. For example, a Pearson Correlation Coefficient could be used to determine if this is a correlation between the quality of contact with family since the pandemic began and the change in anxiety level as a result of the pandemic.

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