Student Learning Outcomes Capstone Paper

Student Learning Outcomes Capstone Paper. The purpose of NUR4945C Nursing Capstone is for each student to demonstrate that they have incorporated bachelor-level knowledge, thinking, and skills into his/her nursing practice, as evidenced by the end-of-program student learning outcomes (the 5 C’s).he RN-to-BSN Program continues the Five Cs of Caring, Clinical Competence, Communication, Commitment to Professionalism, and Collaboration and Management of Care. The BSN graduate will be prepared to provide high-quality nursing care in a changing and complex healthcare environment and to promote the profession of nursing. The BSN graduate will be able to practice throughout the range of healthcare settings and across the lifespan with patients, families, communities and populations. The successful demonstration will be reflected in the Capstone experiential learning activities and Capstone paper.

Student Learning Outcomes Capstone Paper

The student will use their educational experiences from the RN-to-BSN curriculum, citing detailed descriptions from selected courses and information gathered from the literature. The student will also provide detailed examples of personal demonstrations of each SLO from their capstone activities and patient/community teaching project experiences or the student’s own clinical practice.

Here are the required components of the Capstone Paper:

APA formatting (don’t forget to double-space and use hanging indents for references)
Title page, No abstract or running head required
Detailed descriptions, utilizing at least five* of the RN-to-BSN courses, to illustrate how the courses facilitated attainment of each of the End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes (EOP SLO’s).
Reference at least 5* evidence-based, peer-reviewed current (within past 5 years) professional articles (in addition to any optional books or web sites) to discuss the concepts of Caring, Clinical Competence and Decision Making, Communication, Collaboration and Management of Care, and Commitment to Professionalism in professional nursing practice.
Provide at least 3* detailed personal demonstration examples, using activity or practice experiences, to illustrate how the student utilizes each of the EOP SLOs.
Paper must be 12 -20 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference page, typed in 12-font Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 1″ margins.
Paper must be comprehensive, coherent, and well-developed.
APA formatting including cover page, a running header, page numbers, section headers, and a separate reference page. Be sure references are in APA format, including hanging indents.
Submission of paper to to obtain an similarity report of no more than 20%. A similarity score of no more than 20% is required for the paper to be graded.

*NOTE: MORE than 5 courses, and MORE than 3 personal examples, are needed for each SLO, and MORE than 5 references with citations are needed in order to earn an A. The maximum grade that can be earned with 5 and 3 is an 85%. This is passing at the lowest B level.

You must pass each SLO in the paper with at least a 20 to pass the Capstone Course.

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