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Strength of Association

Strength of Association.
Strength of Association In research. Several principles have been shown to affect the strength of association between stimuli. Based on your own experiences in learning, provide an example of each of the following principles of association: contiguity, frequency, and intensity. Select one of your examples. Describe how a deferent principle of association might explain this example. Contiguity- Association by contiguity refers to the belief that our ideas, memories and experiences are link together when Is frequently experienced with the other, because tit contiguity the closer in time two events occurred. He more likely or strongly they would be associated. (Lieberman, 2012). When I was a little girl I would get into my mother’s makeup and use her lipstick to draw on the bathroom wall. This upset my mother so she told me to stop doing this, but oddly enough I continued. As time went on she to pk me and say No when I did this, but when she would wake up and tint the bathroom walls clean tort my art work she would smile and say good girl. Then she would reward me with markers and other art supplies.
I began to understand that if did what she said she would be happy and think I was a good girl and I would get art supplies for my good behavior. Frequency- With frequency this is an event or situation that would happen repeatedly. The frequency of association states that the more often two or more things occur together the more they will be associated together. An example that comes to mind Is that as a teen my mother would wake me up early In the morning everyday, which Is pretty hard, but In doing so she would get me a French vanilla cappuccino.
I begin to feel every time I wake up n the morning I would get my lovely French vanilla cappuccino. I associated mornings and I guess my mother with a coffee beverage. Intensity- With intensity it involves stimuli. It is associations involving emotional or traumatic events. It occurs when I see places from the past that remind me of a traumatic event. Trauma and memory form a generalization of fear as stimuli, which resembles those present during a traumatic event. (Lessee, Rabin, Heeler, Laughing, Garage, Pine, ; Grilling, 2010). When AAAS II years old my hip slipped out of place and AAAS in so such pain.

I had been diagnosed for hip dysphasia. I was in tears form the pain that had increased over the previous year. By time got to the hospital was at my worst and I was put in the waiting room form six in the morning to 12 in the afternoon, before I was seen, then had x-rays done. By six in the evening I was fed up with the hospital and the staff and just wanted to go home, but I was forced to stay for emergency surgery the next mooring. After this situation I never really liked going to the hospital, because It reminds me of the pain I felt as a child.
With my first example I would say it could fall into frequency, because the more I did one thing the more I did one thing such as drawing on the wall I would get pked. So because of the frequency of the two together I begin to associate one with the other due to it happening do often. Reference Lieberman, D. A. (2012). Psychology of learning. San Diego, CA: Bridgeport Education ‘ Off C. (2010). Personalization of conditioned fear as a pathogenic marker of panic disorder. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 167(1), 47-55. Retrieved from the Protest database.

Strength of Association

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