Strategy planning and project Management

Strategy planning and project Management. The description for the post-course assignment. As discussed this afternoon, following is the task:

Post-course assignment:

Go back to your notes of the exercise we did in the afternoon of the second day, on uniqueness/distinction – the ongoing campaigns – the Golden Jubilee.

1 – Based on your notes, write in your own words the strategy for the corporate communications plan for 2021.
2 – Make the audience selection that is key for ADNOC. This can be various audiences of course
3 – Wat are core messages for each audience?
4 – Pick one campaign (either the ADNOC Way, Energy for Life or the Golden Jubilee). What is your diagnose ref the campaign (so show analysis) and what would be your plan in 2021 for the campaign you have selected? What would be the content, focus and intensity throughout the year? Put everything together in a gameplan.
5 – Produce 3 metrics for the campaign – real outcome oriented metrics.
• The assignment is as follows:
– Go back to your notes of the exercises of this afternoon.
– Develop 1) strategy, 2) audience selection, 3) produce one campaign description
And plan (for instance Energy for Life, Golden Jubilee or a new idea) and 4)
Outcome metrics.
Write it down in a Word document.

Strategy planning and project Management


My idea:
The Golden Jubilee:
The idea of the campaign is celebrating The Golden Jubilee as UAE approaches its Golden Jubilee. My idea is to show generations who work at ADNOC and they have contributed to the company and the community and still contributing. The idea to Show the grandfather, the father and the son who been with journey with ADNOC. To show timeline of their life and works also show the ADNOC achievements and we can see the progress of the company and linked to the generations for example the grandfather we show how at that time how ADNOC do the business at that time then show the father we can show the progress of ADNOC and become leader and bigger in business then we can introduce the son and linked with the new ADNOC and we can also introduce the technology how ADNOC now one of the biggest and leading energy company. It’s like ADNOC been part of community and one of leading company that care about community development ………and great partner.

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