Strategy and Implementation Summary

Strategy and Implementation Summary Since our company Is the commercial agent for selling different band mike power and mike within deliver goods. Therefore, has focuses on selling the mike power for the family which has a newborn baby and some family which always drink mike every day. Want to deliver the different famous band of mike power and mike around Hong Kong. It hope to save the time of customers for going to buy different mike power and mike in market. Also, some mike powers is not easy to find in Hong Kong. For example, Hole, Optimal, Whacko etc…
The second strategy focuses on educating the benefits of drinking mikes. Provide the different kinds of mike products such as high calcium, low fat for different customers. For example, elder may drink the mike which has the high calcium for avoiding astronomical. 5. 1 SOOT Analysis Strengths: 1 . The customer of Hong Kong can deliver goods to the customers free at certain time. Delivery is free on orders over $500, or it is charged for an extra $20, exceptions will be noted In the website of our company. 2. Provide different band of mike power and mike which are not easy to buy In Hong
Kong. For example, Hole, Optimal, Whacko etc… We know that some customers like the band are come from different countries. It is a specific for our company. 3. Have a big freight house for storing a lot of goods. When customers send a order to buy mike power , we will conduct the mike power provider and report the order how many mike power the customer need. Then we will help the customer store the mike power In the freight house before delivery goods. Also, we store some different band mike power in our freight house for avoiding insufficient supplies.

Weaknesses 1 . Mike power provider may have the quota for supplying the mike power. Since some mike powers are come from different countries, the mike power may supply the mike powers In their countries firstly. That may let the order from customer cannot request immediately before the mike power provider have enough mike power. 2. A lot of fresh mikes cannot be store longer time. The period of store of the fresh mikes normally is one month. So f we need to provide some fresh mike from other countries. We may need the refrigerator for store the fresh mike. 1 .
Nowadays, the parents are usually buy the mike power from different country, such as, Japan, Unite state, Australia . Also, some brands are not easy to buy in Hong Kong. Therefore it is an opportunities for selling some different brand of mike power. 2. Some families or parents are busy at work. If we can deliver the mike power and mike product to customer house. Also, some parent have the newborn baby who is need more time for taking care are also our focuses customers. It can save the time from customers and then they have a lot of time to take care their baby. Threats

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