Strategic Plan Part 2

Purpose of Assignment 
Students gain experience conducting an internal and external environmental analysis for their proposed new division and its business model. They will also gain valuable experience in conducting a SWOTT analysis for their proposed division. 
Assignment Steps 
Resources: Strategic Planning Outline and Week 3 textbook readings
Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis for your proposed new division and its business model.
Develop a SWOTT table summarizing your findings. Your environmental analysis should consider, at a minimum, the factors below.

For each factor, identify the one primary strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, and trend, and include it in your table. 
Include the SWOTT table in your submission.

External forces and trends considerations:

Industry Changes
Legal and regulatory
Competitive analysis

Internal forces and trends considerations:

Processes and systems
Strategic capabilities
Intellectual property

Create a powerpoint presentation in which you analyze relevant forces and trends from the list above. Your analysis must include the following:

Identify economic, legal, and regulatory forces and trends.
Critique how well the organization adapts to change.
Analyze and explain the supply chain of the new division of the existing business. Share your plans to develop and leverage core competencies and resources within the supply chain in an effort to make a positive impact on the business model and the various stakeholders.
Discuss the primary internal organizational considerations for the development of a strategic plan.
Identify the major issues and/or opportunities the company faces based on your analysis. 

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