Strategic Management report

Strategic Management report. Project:  To Propose ONE Strategic Initiative For Estia Health Encompassing A 3-YEAR Time Horizon.

Format: Report
  Length: 6,000 Words (Max), 1.5 Line Spaced, 12 Point Times New Roman.
Note: The Word Count Does Not Include References Or Appendices 
Harvard referencing according to PDF example

A. Executive Summary 
B. Introduction 
C. Identify Estia’s current generic type of business by examining its strategy statement and/or its value chain activities. 
D. Propose ONE new strategic initiative for the organisation to implement.  (Can be major functional initiative i.e. marketing / technology / product (service) innovation/development, and M&A.  Describe its contents in details and justify why it is strategic. 
E. Evaluate suitability of strategic initiative, particularly the environment and strategic capabilities of Estia, and its current business strategy identified in (C).
F. Develop a strategy implementation plan that primarily focuses on the following areas: (2000)
– What needs to be changed to implement the strategy? and Why?
– How will the changes proposed be managed and implemented?
G. Explain how the organization can measure the strategic initiative you proposed.  Focus specifically on: (1000)
– A set of key success measures for the strategic initiative, using Balance Scorecard.
– Draw a strategy map that indicates the key success measures and their hierarchical relationships.
H. Conclusion

Findings of first assignment will be shared after acceptance.
Deadline in 5 days on 28 Mar 2018 @ 7pm

I need  the 3 year strategy to be practical and also for new market development  into Tasmania to be part of the assignment.

Strategic Management report