Strategic Management

What is the purpose and the process of evaluating business strategy? Use the attached article as one of your references.  Make sure to visit Marymount’s online Library to gather additional information.
Your paper needs to have four pages, double space, margins one inch all around:
Page 1: Cover including name of the class, date, name of the school, and your full name. DO NOT put your name in pages 2, 3, and 4.
Page 2 and Page 3 need to be used to answer the above questions. Make sure to include quotations, citations, etc. to strengthen your arguments.
Page 4: References should include the bibliography you have used presented in APA format style. At least three references are needed. For your references use textbooks, articles, and/or reports.
Students will bring a hard-copy and will turn in their paper at the beginning of next class: November 21. Please do not exceed four pages in total and include the above-mentioned information in each page.

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