Steps to Christ

AY Society AY MISSION: The salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We understand youth ministry to be that work of the church that is conducted for, with, and by young people. AY AIM: The Advent message to all the world in my generation. AY MOTTO: The love of Christ constrains me. AY PLEDGE: Loving the Lord Jesus, I promise to take an active part in the youth ministry of the church, doing what I can to help others and to finish the work of the Gospel in all the world. Pathfinder Club AIM The Advent Message to all the world in my generation.
MOTTO The love of Christ compels us. PLEDGE By the grace of God, I will be pure and kind and true. I will keep the Pathfinder Law. I will be a servant of God and a friend to man. LAW The Pathfinder Law is for me to:

Keep the morning watch.
Do my honest part.
Care for my body.
Keep a level eye.
Be courteous and obedient.
Walk softly in the sanctuary.
Keep a song in my heart.
Go on God’s errands.

Adventurer Club PLEDGE Because Jesus loves me, I can always do my best. LAW

Be obedient
Be pure
Be true
Be kind
Be respectful
Be attentive
Be helpful
Be cheerful
Be thoughtful
Be reverent

Ambassador Club Aim The Advent Message to All the World in My Generation My relationship to Jesus Christ is of such a nature that it compels me to share with any who will receive it, the gospel—the good news of His soon return. Motto The Love of Christ Constrains Me I am drawn to Him by His exemplary life, the symbolic act of His crucifixion, His conquering resurrection, and His promise of an earth made new in the pattern of the original creation.
The closer I find myself to Him, the closer I find myself identifying with the needs of my fellow human beings. Steps to Christ Summary Steps to Christ concentrates on God’s inclusive love for His people and His merciful nature. Ellen White addresses how we can all be saved by grace and how we can become better Christians. She dedicates each chapter to describe ways to get closer to God, following a set of steps that require higher and higher dedication and more understanding of God’s wisdom. The first chapter if the book, “God’s love for Man” illustrates the quality of God’s love.
His acceptance can be seen when we look around us and to the nature that surrounds us to then understand a little more about God and his mercy. Through sin we broke “God’s rule of love” yet in his infinite mercy he gave his only begotten son to pay the price for our redemption. This is God’s love for us. The second chapter of the book,” The Sinner’s Need of Christ” speaks about how through sin man became disobedient. In his sinful state he could no longer find communion with God, be in harmony with him.
This has caused a separation between man and God. The third chapter of the book, “Repentance”, describes how we should repent from our sins. It shows us the difference between true repentance and repentance lead by the fear of punishment for transgression. Jesus can restore and cleanse all those who want to be purified and recognize that this can only be done through Him and in Him. The author also mentions that the Holy Spirit also moves those who do not know of the power of God but understand the wickedness of their sins.
The fourth chapter of the book,” Confession”, illustrates that for confession to be genuine there must be a humble acceptance of guilt for actions. There must be a sincere desire without deception and hypocrisy. The fifth chapter of the book,” Consecration”, speaks about the surrendering of oneself wholeheartedly in order to be restored to His likeness. It goes on to emphasis that there must be a deep love of Christ and an earnest desire to yield all to Him. Steps to Christ is a book that concentrates on the life of Jesus Christ and the love that God pours down on us by his amazing grace and his beautiful nature.
During the first few chapters of the book it explains to us the way to come to God. After this the rest of the book explains how to engage and remain true to God. One vivid parallel I got from the book was that even though plants have thistles and vines have thorns, there are beautiful flowers still grow on them. This works wonderful with the main theme of the book “Steps to Christ” on how God has earning love for us even though we have “thorns and thistles”, and by his grace and mercy we can be made clean and develop into beautiful flowers.
For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son… ” (John 3:16) tells us of Gods amazing love for man. We learn that even though we as sinful humans are always sinning God is always bestowing blessings upon us because of his extraordinary love for us. During the beginning of the book one of the most critical points the came popping out at me was about repentance. Ellen G. White talks about the fact that there are generally two different types of ways to repent.
One way you can repent is by true meaning and truly wanted forgiveness from God; while some others might only be repenting in fear for punishment, not actually being wholeheartedly apologetic for their sins. The book tells us that we must come to the Lord knowing that he is our best friend and there is no reason to not come to the Lord. As the book continues it tells us ways to stay connected to God and for us to live the rest of our lives in Him. Steps to Christ tells us that God will help us with our needs as long as we are faithful and believe in his promises. Mrs.
White also says that when we have a close relationship with God he will fulfill his words to us. This speaks to me because it tells me to go directly to the Word for inspiration, which will increase us. The ninth chapter of the book, “The Work and the Life,” shows that when we have love for Christ we cannot keep it to ourselves; the power of the Holy Spirit works through us to send Jesus to message everywhere we go and we become disciples of Gods love and when we have this passion burning inside we also want to work for Christ and do things that would benefit his cause and his love.
Jesus can restore and cleanse all those who want to be purified and recognize that this can only be done through Him and in Him. Our human nature does not help us either on this question because we are naturally curious and we always want to know the answers for everything. He will provide us with enough evidence for us to understand some of the things that happen in our world. The tenth chapter of the book, “A Knowledge of God,” talks about how God speaks to us through various different forms.
She also mentions that it is our responsibility to accept God’s gifts and to follow His ways. ” God wants to make us Holy so that we be with Him at the end of times “reaching our highest possible development,” but for that we must renew our whole nature and soul, giving our lives to God and trusting in Him to help us walk in His way. It is a promise that if we walk in His ways, serving Him, and if we believe Him, “He will fulfill His words to us. We have to help them by reflecting the light that shines to us and help them find Jesus.
The fourth chapter of the book, “Confession,” emphasizes the fact that if we repent from our sins and we come to God and acknowledge our guilt, also showing reformation; we will be forgiven for our sins. White shows us that God will never make us believe in anything; He will always give us the options to believe it or not. In other words, if we repent and turn away from our sins and assume our faults, not by using self-justification or excuses, but by feeling it with a true heart, we can be forgiven.
God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son”” Jesus, the one and only Son of God, that was once “one” with God, was brought to earth to feel the burden of our own sins. ” This bridge is established by the coming of the Christ, who is “the way, the truth, and the life;” who is the “only way” or link to come back to the likeness of God and to enjoy his harmony and communion. ” (White 40)The eighth chapter of the book, “Growing up into Christ,” states that without God there is no life, and nothing has life.

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