statistics one

Determine the skew (if there is any) and explain in words why there is skew for this particular sample. Be sure it is specific to your own study and not just a generic description of what “skew” means. You can do so graphically, algebraically, or just by eyeballing your data set. 
Example of a good answer: “In my study, the mean is significantly greater than the median, which leads me to believe that the data is skewed to the right. This is further confirmed by 2 outliers – Johnny owns 95 pairs of pants and Suzy owns 126. Everyone else in my study owns less than or equal to 30 pairs of pants.”
Example of l of pants” are not in this part of the project, you’re missing the point. And your grade will also be missing the point(s). You MUST show all calculations. 
PART 6: 
 CONCLUSION! This must be a full page in length, NOT including title and/or any other headers or the citations. If you’re not sure if you’ve written a “full page” then do the SMART thing and write slightly more than a full page. Font can be Calibri or Arial size 11. Double-spaced is fine. Doesn’t have to be perfect APA style but all citations must be included and the citations do NOT count as part of the “full page” requirement. Discuss the conclusion of your study. What does your data analysis imply both about your hypothesis and in general? What practical implications are there based on your study? Does there appear to be any sort of significance? Do you feel like you trust the source you used to begin with? Please feel free to include personal commentary based on your own life experience, or other studies you have seen similar to the one you’ve done. If you’d like to research the topic further online, that might help you out. Also, note that while I do appreciate professionalism, I appreciate even more if I can hear your voice in the write-up. 

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  Please follow the directions for each assignment carefully!  Some will be just as stated in the book while others will have additional or different instructions.  The instructions are listed….

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