statistics discussion post ASAP

Initial Post Instructions
Medical professionals can find relationships between variables. The more you drink alcohol, the less functionality of your liver. The less carbohydrates a person intakes, the lower their Body Mass Index.
Data can be collected and organized as an ordered pair (x, y). The data can be analyzed to determine the type and strength of a correlation and to calculate a regression line in order to make a prediction.
Use the internet to find a data set of ordered pairs. Key terms to search: Free Public Data Sets and Medical Data Sets.
Create a Post:
Introduce your Data Set and Cite the Source.

Which would be the independent variable, and which would be the dependent variable?
Without drawing a scatter plot, would you expect a positive, negative or no correlation? Explain.
Would you categorize your data to have a strong or weak correlation? Why?
What would the r2 value tell you about the data that you selected?
What is the equation of the regression line?
Use the regression line to make a prediction about the data you collected.

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