Statistical analysis and response on current pandemic

Statistical analysis and response on current pandemic. Statistics & Data Science play an important role in the public response to the current pandemic. In the following exercises, you will use your knowledge and skills gained in the course to help investigate some information.


Thus, to help gauge the effects of remote learning, Dietrich College gathers some information on students in the College. In one such study, a survey of a sample of 41 Dietrich freshmen is obtained, and the cost of one year of textbooks is recorded. The College wants to test if the overall mean yearly cost of textbooks among Dietrich freshmen is different from the national average of $1500. The mean yearly cost of textbooks is computed in the sample to be $1630, and the standard deviation is computed for the sample to be $550.

Statistical analysis and response: Hypothesis

Firstly, for the scenario described on the previous page, write the appropriate hypotheses, using the appropriate parameter symbol(s) as necessary. For the scenario described on the previous page, assuming inference is meaningful, which of the following is the appropriate symbol of the test statistic (i.e., the appropriate standardized score)?

Confidence Interval

Secondly, Based on the confidence interval, do you reject the null hypothesis of the appropriate significance test? (Use a significance level of 0.05.) Give your answer, and briefly explain how you are using the confidence interval to determine your answer. Next, to gauge availability of masks among Faculty, the University conducts a small random poll of 20 Professors. A relevant part of the raw data is as follows, showing whether or not the Professor is from Dietrich, and whether they own a mask:

Statistical analysis and response: Mean and Standard Deviation

Moreover, another question of interest is where people get their information about coronavirus. In Allegheny County, 20% of the population gets their information primarily from social media. Suppose a sociologist randomly selects seventy-five people from Allegheny County. Assume the population is sufficiently large that the proportion may be assumed fixed throughout the selection.

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