State of Florida vs. Chad Heins

State of Florida vs. Chad Heins. A local media coverage of the case. Wisconsin media coverage of the case. The innocent project

In addition to the sources used in the paper I need to add the three listed above. The total pages for this assignment is 6. This 6 page count includes Title and Reference page. The body of the paper can not exceed 4 pages (double spaced, 12 font, times)

State of Florida vs. Chad Heins

18 Oct 2020 02:33State of Florida vs. Chad Heins (Is the case you will write about)
Thoroughly research the case using as many resources as can be found. You are encouraged to research the cases analytically, as if they were conducting the criminal investigation and preparing for the court case. You will begin your paper with an overview of the case. Then you will briefly describe what techniques were used to locate, collect, and analyze the evidence in the cases. Discuss the significance of the evidence as it relates to proving that a crime was committed, linking the suspect(s) to the crime, and proving guilt or innocence. You will then complete the report with an analysis of the crime scene investigation and a break down and analysis of the subsequent court case and media attention. You will write the paper in a clear and logical manner, and be able to defend their position by speaking in an intellectual, articulate, and professional informed manner.

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