Starbucks Discussion

1- Read the article and watch the video (
2- Respond to these three topics

Describe Starbucks overall global expansion strategy. What might be some marketing factors/ strategies to consider to mitigate their risk when entering new markets?
Based on the written case, describe some of the major sources of risk facing Starbucks in expanding globally.
As Starbucks continues to expand globally, what do you think the company should do to ensure that it will maintain its socially conscious focus?

3- Reply to the answers:

As they continue to expand globally, I think they should stay with the trends. For example, if one trend is a song then they should name a coffee after that song or even go as far to play that song in the Starbucks. This is the best way to ensure that it will maintain its socially conscious focus. Another way is that they should keep hiring younger people because they can relate a lot to the people that go to Starbucks and they can bring ideas to the table that other generations may not think of. 
Starbucks faces many risks when expanding globally,  one of them specifically is losing money when traveling overseas. Starbucks makes less money on each overseas store because most of them are operated with local partners. It makes it easier for them to startup but reduces the company’s share of profits.  Another risk the face is losing customers because of a lack of options available to the customer. 

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