Sport Participation and Self Esteem: Does Participating

Sport Participation and Self Esteem: Does Participating In Sports Have a Positive or Negative Impact. Write an outline for Research Paper2 based on the sample APA outline from your lecture folder. Females have historically been discouraged from participating in physical activity and sports. Research however has found that females, especially young adolescents, benefit greatly from physical activity and sports. Physical activity not only promotes a higher sense of self esteem in women but also provides a greater sense of body image and overall well being throughout life. It has been shown that women that engage in physical activity as young adults tend to continue to stay active later in life, leading to a greater sense of self esteem. With the evidence that has been shown in past research and the research that was administered, the researcher attempted to encourage the inclusion of regular physical activity and sports participation in the daily lives of adolescent girls. The purpose of this study was to determine whether regular physical activity and sports participation had an impact on the self-esteem of adolescent girls.

Sport Participation and Self Esteem: Does Participating

Body image refers to the image formed by the individual to one’s own body, which is the objective cognition, and subjective assessment of one’s own body characteristics. It is composed of appearance, body shape, physical strength, health, and other dimensions, and the degree of self-awareness will affect emotion and health behavior, such as weight control, personal social adaptation, psychological stress, self-development, and interpersonal relationship (Wang et al., 2017). In today’s highly developed network media, people tend to focus on their own body shape and appearance but ignore health. Overexposure of good body shape will lead to low body satisfaction, thus increasing the risk of suffering from chronic disease and mental disorders and inhibiting exercise participation (Yu et al., 2012; Gillen, 2015; Andrew et al., 2016; Sun et al., 2017).

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