Assignment 1.2: Perform an Introduction Speech
Perform an Introduction Speech
Perform an introduction speech
Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will create a delivery outline and deliver an introduction speech.

A one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) paper
A two- to four-minute introduction speech – Keep in mind that you should perform your speech to make sure it meets the 2-4 minute requirement. Just time yourself as you perform your speech. 

Step 1 Create an outline.
Using the preparation outline you created in Assignment 1.1, create a delivery outline for your introduction speech.

Using a different file name, save a copy of the Assignment 1.1 document in which you created the preparation outline.
Modify the preparation outline to make it a delivery outline. You will most likely use this as your speaker notes, so keep in mind that you do not need more than 1 or 2 index cards for notes. Use bullet points from your outline as your notes. Hit the main points for your speech from your outline. 

Step 2 Practice your speech.
Practice using your delivery outline to deliver your introduction speech. Print your delivery outline so you can use it as your speaker notes.

Before you begin your practice delivery, imagine that you are standing in front of your target audience and think about the specific purpose you identified for your speech.
Remember that your speech should last between two and four minutes.
Keep track of the total time it takes you to deliver your speech to stay within this time frame.
Deliver your speech at least once all the way through.

Step 3 Present your speech.

Remember to pay attention to the audience’s nonverbal communication and adjust as necessary.

Step 4 Answer the questions.
In a one-page (250-word) paper, address the following:

Describe any issues you encountered during the delivery of your speech.
How many times did you practice delivering your speech before you felt comfortable presenting it?
What aspects of your speech delivery improved the most as a result of your practice?

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