Sose HW

Assignment #1

Indicate whether each of the following statements best describes a standardized achievement test (S) or an informal classroom test (C).   
      1.      Likely to be more relevant to a teacher’s instructional objectives.   
      2.      Likely to provide more reliable test scores.   
      3.      Technical quality of test items is consistently high.   
      4.      Most useful in formative assessment.   
      5.      Typically provides the larger spread of scores.   
      6.      Best for use in rapidly changing content areas.   
Briefly state one major advantage and one major limitation of standardized achievement tests.   
Indicate whether each of the following statements describes a desirable (D) practice or an undesirable (U) practice in conducting parent-teacher conferences.   
      1.      Before the conference, assemble a portfolio of specific information about and examples of the student’s learning progress.   
      2.      Present examples of the student’s work to parents   
      3.      Begin the conference by describing the student’s learning difficulties.   
      4.      Make clear to parents that, as a teacher, you know what is best for the student’s learning and development.   
      5.      In the concluding phase, review your conference notes with the parents.   
      6.      End the conference with a positive comment about the student.   
Write a list of questions that you could ask parents during parent-teacher conferences that might help you better understand students’ problems regarding learning and development.   

Assignment #2
Open this file first:  6-3_Scoring_Systems.jpg 
Complete the table by converting the given scores into comparable derived scores in the other scoring systems. Round your answers to the nearest whole number, except for z-scores where one decimal place should be reported. Assume that all score distributions are normal and based on a common reference group. The first row of scores, form a given z-score of 1.0 has been completed to illustrate the procedure. Try to complete the exercise without looking at the table in your book. 

Assignment #3

Compute the value for r, the product-moment correlation, for the pairs of scores in the following table.  Be sure to actually compute r.  The table is to help you in this computation, merely filling in the table is not sufficient to get credit for this assignment.
You may use the template provided for you in the Module Six materials as you complete this assignment.
 Student       X          Y          X2         Y2         XY  
 A                 15        16  
 B                 18        15  
 C                 12         8  
 D                 13        11  
 E                 19        17  
 F                 10         9  
 G                14        13  
 H                11         5  
 I                  17        17  
 J                  11         9  

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